Welcome to the website of the Newton Classical Academy! We first opened our doors in 2016. We are family oriented, Christian, and classical; our program is a hybrid of homeschooling and classroom instruction.

We offer three basic educational options:

  • First is our flagship hybrid program. This is our standard, comprehensive educational option, in which students attend classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Families can also opt into Monday and Wednesday tutoring days.

  • Second is our standalone class program. In this option, several Tuesday/Thursday classes are opened up to homeschool students not enrolled in the flagship program.

  • Third is our Fridays at NCA program, in which students can sign up for a number of weekly or biweekly classes held on Friday mornings.

What's classical education, you ask? Here's as good a summary as we can find. What is a hybrid program? View the answer here, as well as other answers to common questions.

Request an application packet or a visit by emailing us.