Our Logo

A lot can go into a logo. Ours was expertly designed by Melanie Regier. The central image is a Christogram, particularly an IX Monogram, which is formed by the Greek letters iota (Ι) and chi (Χ), the first letters of Jesus (Ιησοῦς) and Christ (Χριστός) respectively. The iota doubles as a Greek column, representing the central role we believe classical education plays in forming the minds of our students. The three Latin words of our logo, contemplatioparticipatio, and formatio, surround the Christogram, representing the three lifelong practices that draw us into the central reality of Christ. Finally, at the base, you'll see that our school is located in a particular place in the world, namely, the fields of turkey red wheat in central Kansas.

Our Motto

The three Latin terms contemplatioparticipatio, and formatio sum up our approach to education.

Contemplatio (contemplation, as you might have guessed) is a deep quality of attention to Truth, an abiding with Truth, which implies that we don't just know about the Truth, but that Truth is personal. Contemplating the Truth is contemplating the one who said "I am the truth" (John 14:6).

Participatio (you guessed it) recognizes that truth is something outside of us, and that it is something we don't just know about but also that we assimilate ourselves to. That's because knowledge and love of truth is a participation in nothing other than the life and activity of Christ.

Formatio (what else?) is the result of contemplation and participation. The goal of education is not training for a career but the shaping of students into persons who love truth, goodness, and beauty. The goal of education, in other words, is to seek the face of God.