Register Your Homeschool with the State

Because Newton Classical Academy is classified by the Kansas Department of Education as a nonaccredited private school, each family must register with the state as an individual school (i.e., a homeschool). Below are the relevant links. The only thing you need to do is fill out the online registration form. The other pages are for your information only. As long as you remain at Newton Classical Academy or continue homeschooling, you only need to fill this out once.

Nonaccredited Private School Information Page. All the following links [and more] can be found on this page.

Homeschooling in Kansas Fact Sheet

Kansas Statute Governing Homeschooling

Online Registration Form. Instructions for filling out this form: When filling out the top portion, list your homeschool (not Newton Classical Academy) in the "Nonaccredited PRIVATE School Name" field (you can just make up a name for your homeschool); and when filling out the middle form, list yourself in the "Name of Private School Official Custodian of Record" field. Since you are the custodian of record, you don't need to fill out the bottom form.